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Last Update: 22 November 2022

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2022-Nov-24 AGS(HK) Technical Seminar – Distributed Fibre Optic Strain Sensing: Long-term Monitoring for Slope and Infrastructure in Hong Kong

2022-Dec-20 Advanced Design of Steel Connections and Joints – Strength, Stiffness, and Ductility

2022 October to December CPDs of Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors



T00) Construction Engineering Reference Materials

            (last update 24-10-2022)

T01) Construction Management

(last update: 18-10-2022)

T01A) Method Statements

     (last update: 23-04-2018)

T01B) Equipment and Resource Management

     (last update: 10-04-2018)

T01C) Making Submissions to Government Departments

     (last update: 16-10-2020)

T02) Structural & Material Designs and Analyses

(last update: 22-10-2022) 

M01) Engineering Mathematics

      (last update: 24-10-2021)

  EP01) Engineering Physics

      (last update: 25-10-2021)

T02A) Wind Analyses

     (last update: 27-03-2021)

T02B) Earthquake Analyses

     (last update: 06-12-2017)

T02C) Structural Dynamic Responses

     (last update: 19-01-2018)

T02D) Tsunamis

     (last update: 30-12-2017)

T02E) Rainstorms and Flooding

     (last update: 30-12-2017)

T02F) Heat and Snows

     (last update: 30-12-2017)

T02G) Impact Loads

     (last update: 15-04-2018)

T02H) Construction Loads

     (last update: 18-04-2018)

T02J) Heat of Fire and Explosion

     (last update: 11-10-2020)

T02K) Structural Redundancies, Progressive Collapses

     (last update: 26-06-2018)

T03) Advanced & Applied Material Stress Analyses

(last update: 20-01-2018)

T03A) Tall Building-related

          (last update: 26-10-2022)

T04) Engineering Geology

(last update: 19-01-2018)

T04A) Chemistry

          (last update: 25-10-2021)

T04B Fluid Mechanics

          (last update: 10-07-2021)

T05) Geotechnical, Foundation, and Slope Engineering

(last update: 21-10-2022)

T06) Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Designs

(last update: 18-10-2022)

T06A) Timber Designs

(last update: 10-09-2020)

T06B) Formworks

(last update: 11-10-2020)

T06C) Hoarding

(last update: 11-10-2020)

T07) Structural Steelworks Designs

(last update: 22-10-2022)

T07A) Aluminium Designs

(last update: 03-09-2020)

T07B) Scaffolds

(last update: 13-10-2020)

T08) Facade and Curtain Wall Designs

(last update: 11-09-2022)

T09) Bridge Designs

(last update: 30-03-2021)

T10) Tunnel Designs

(last update: 21-10-2022)

T11) Monitoring Instruments and Equipment’s

(last update: 04-12-2017)

T11A) Metalworks Machines and Tools

     (last update: 03-09-2020)

T11B) Electronics and Electricity Engineering

     (last update: 09-12-2017)

T11C) Site Investigation, Detection, and Utility Survey

     (last update: 16-10-2020)

T12) Nuclear Power

(last update: 19-01-2017)

T13) Construction Contract Legal Issues

(last update: 13-04-2018)

T14) Interesting Case Studies

(last update: 06-12-2017)

T15) ISO Related Information

(last update: 22-09-2017)

T16) Fire Engineering

(last update: 09-03-2021)

T18) Experience Sharing

(last update: 16-10-2020)

T21) Construction Safety

(last update: 26-10-2022)

T22) HK Housing Authority 優質工序系列

(last update: 08-07-2018)

T30) Miscellaneous References

(last update: 13-10-2020)

T31) Architectural

          (last update: 18-10-2022)

T32) Graphics

          (last update: 24-05-2021)

T33) Modular Integrated Construction

          (last update: 19-10-2022)

T34) Robotics, Electronics, Mechanics, and Automation

          (last update: 13-07-2021)



   Government Departments, Organizations, Engineering Consultant

Civil Engineering and Development Department (CEDD)

CEDD Slope Information System

Hong Kong Observatory (HKO) for weather information

Water Supplies Department (WSD)  for records of the amounts of rainfall

Lands Department (LANDSD) - slope responsibilty info system, maps, etc

Hong Kong Institute of Engineers (HKIE)

Construction Industry Council (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong Institute of Steel Construction

Hong Kong Concrete Institute

The Hong Kong Safety Training Association

Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat

International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE)

Wong Ouyang (Civil – Structural Engineering) Ltd

Sambo E&C (Korean engineering and construction specialists)

RST Instruments Limited a large set of different geotechnical instruments

DGSI, Slope Indicator also a large set of geotechnical instruments

Slope Stability Radar (SSR) - Ground Probe