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From: ISBN 1-85486-244-8 Radio Frequency Spectrum
  Frequency division   Abbreviations    Frequency Randge  
  Very Low Frequency  VLF 3 - 30kHz  
  Low Frequency LF 30-300 kHz  
  Medium Frequency MF 300-3000kHz  
  High Frequency HF 3-30MHz  
  Very High Frequency VHF 30-300MHz  
  Ultra High Frequency UHF 300-3000MHz  
  Super High Frequency SHF 3-30GHz  
  Extremely High Frequency EHF 30-300GHz  
  No designation no designation 300-3000GHz  
k = kilo = x1,000.  M = mega = x1,000,000.  G = giga = x1,000,000,000

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