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001. How to Build a Durable Bridge


Downloadable Documents:-

001. Bridge Engineering Handbook 2nd ed.


Reference Books:-

001. Bridge Engineering 3rd Edition.

          Design, Rehabilitation, and Maintenance of Modern Highway Bridges

          ISBN 978-0-07-175249-7. STE 624.2 TON

          Authors: Jim J. Zhao, Demetrios E. Tonias. Published by McGraw-Hill 

002. Design Guide for Composite Highway Bridges    ISBN 0-415-27453-2   Lib Call no.: STE R 624.183 ILE

         Author: David C. Iles - The Steel Construction Institute >> Published by The Steel Construction Institute

003. Cabled Supported Bridges: Concept and Design. 2nd edition.  ISBN  0-471-96939-7  Lib Call no.: STE R 624.5 GIM

       Author: Niels J. Gimsing >> Published by John Wiley and Sons

004. Cable Stayed Bridges. 2nd edition.  ISBN  0-7277-2773-7   Lib Call no.: STE R 624.5 CAB

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005. Design of Highway Bridges: based on AASHTO LRFD bridge design specifications

       ISBN  0-471-30434-4   Lib Call no.: STE R 624.2 BAR

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