Downloadable Documents:-

001. [Hong Kong] Code of Practice for Structural Use of Concrete 2013   Amendment (13 June 2017)

002. [Hong Kong Housing Department] Manual for Design and Detailing of Reinforced Concrete to the Code of Practice for the Structural Use of Concrete 2013

003. CS1:2010 Testing Concrete - Volume 1

004. CS1:2010 Testing Concrete - Volume 2

005. CS2:2012 Steel Reinforcing Bars for Reinforcement of Concrete

005a. CS3:2013 Aggregates for Concrete

006. Reinforced Concrete Design to Eurocode 2 6th ed.

007. Reinforced Concrete (Analysis and Design)

008. How to Design Concrete Structures Using Eurocode 2

009. [Hong Kong] Code of Practice for Precast Concrete Construction 2016

010. IStructE Standard Method of Detailing Structural Concrete p1-50  p51-88  p89-138

011. Guide to Structural Design – Reinforced Concrete

012. Guide to Structure Design – Prestressed Concrete

013. HK ArchSD – RC Standard Details

015. HK ArchSD RC Drafting Manual

016. Reinforced Concrete Design 5th Edition - Mosley

018. Advantages of Prestressed Concrete

019. text – Prestressed Concrete: Analyses and Design, 2nd ed. (to USA standards)

020. text – Prestressed Concrete: Building, Design, and Construction (to USA standards)

021. Introduction to Concrete Mix Design (USA examples)

022. Final Concrete Mix Design Manual

023. Concrete Mix Design

024. text – Structural Details in Concrete

025. Presentation on Flat Slab Design

026. Reinforced Concrete (Canadian)

027. text - Design of Concrete Structures - Ghoneim

028. text – Design of Concrete StructuresNilson

029. Presentation on Transfer Plate Construction

030. Prestressed Concrete 5th ed. – Warner et. al

031. Modular Integrated ConstructionYau Lee


Steel Bar Suppliers:-

001. Shiu Wing Steel Limited


Youtube Videos:-

001. Concrete Beam Designs based on BS8110

002. RC Beam Design EC2 - Worked example - main reinforcement

002. RC Slab Design EC2 - Worked example - Bending reinforcement

003. RC Column Design EC2 - Worked example - main longitudinal bars and tie bars


Design Info:-

001. Prestress Basic Concept

002. Principal Properties of Good Concrete for Prestressing

003. extracts from Reynolds’ Reinforced Concrete Designer’s Handbook



001. Building Plan without Corridors

002. Simulating 3D with Shear Walls and Stiff Outriggers

003. Finding Bending Moments of 1 Storey Building by Stiffness Ratios


Reference Books:-

003. Reinforced and Prestressed Concrete Design ISBN 0-582-21883-7

        Authors: Eugene J. O’Brien and Andrew S. Dixon >> Publisher: Longman Scientific and Technical