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001. Engineering Geology and Geotechnics - Lecture 1 by Professor David Rogers

(130 minutes long.)

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(This is the first lecture in the series. There are 10 more online lectures to watch if you are interested.)


Reference Books:-

001. Engineering Geology 2nd edition by F.G. Bell, published by Elsevier

            ISBN 0-7506-8077-6

This is a very good book about Engineering Geology.

I cannot reprint the content due to copyrights, but I can show you the index of contents

This book is available in Hong Kong Central Library 9/F. Lib Call no.: STE 624.151 BEL

Index of Contents

1.       Rock Types and Stratigraphy

Igneous Rock                                                                                                                    1

Metamorphism and Metamorphic Rocks                                                                      15

Sedimentary Rocks                                                                                                        25

Stratigraphy and Stratification                                                                                       38

2.       Geological Structures

Folds                                                                                                                                47

Faults                                                                                                                               55

Discontinuities                                                                                                                 61

3.       Surface Processes

Weathering                                                                                                                      77

Movement of Slopes                                                                                                       88

Fluvial Processes                                                                                                          100

Karst Topography and Underground Drainage                                                          111

Glaciation                                                                                                                       114

Wind Action and Desert Landscapes                                                                           126

Coasts and Shorelines                                                                                                   135

Storm Surges and Tsunamis                                                                                        144

4.       Groundwater Conditions and Supply

The Origin and Occurrence of Groundwater                                                               151

The Water Table or Phreatic Surface                                                                           151

Aquifers, Aquicludes and Aquitards                                                                              152

Capillary Movement in Soil                                                                                             156

Porosity and Permeability                                                                                              157

Flow through Soils and Rocks                                                                                       165

Pore Pressures, Total Pressures and Effective Pressure                                           169

Critical Hydraulic Gradient, Quick Conditions and Hydraulic Uplift Phenomena       172

Groundwater Exploration                                                                                               173

Assessment of Field Permeability                                                                                  177

Assessment of Flow in the Field                                                                                    180

Groundwater Quality                                                                                                       183

Wells                                                                                                                                 186

Artificial Recharge                                                                                                            190

Groundwater Pollution                                                                                                     191


5.       Description, Properties and Behaviour of Soils and Rocks

Soil Classification                                                                                                             201

Coarse Soils                                                                                                                      210

Silts and Loess                                                                                                                  213

Clay Deposits                                                                                                                    217

Tropical Soils                                                                                                                    227

Dispersive Soils                                                                                                                229

Soils of Arid Region                                                                                                          232

Tills and Other Glacially Associated Deposits                                                                235

Frost Action in Soil                                                                                                            242

Organic Soils: Peat                                                                                                            247

Description of Rocks and Rock Masses                                                                          249

Engineering Aspects of Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks                                            254

Engineering Behaviour of Sedimentary Rocks                                                               259

6.       Geological Materials Used in Construction

Building or Dimension Stone                                                                                            277

oofing and Facing Materials                                                                                              287

Armourstone                                                                                                                      289

Crushed Rock: Concrete Aggregate                                                                                291

Road Aggregate                                                                                                                 294

Gravels and Sands                                                                                                             297

Lime, Cement and Plaster                                                                                                  301

Clays and Clay Products                                                                                                    302

7.       Site Investigation

Desk Study and Preliminary Reconnaissance                                                                311

Site Exploration – Direct Methods                                                                                   318

In Situ Testing                                                                                                                   334

Field Instrumentation                                                                                                        344

Geophysical Methods: Indirect Site Exploration                                                            346

Maps for Engineering Purposes                                                                                      365

Geographical Information Systems                                                                                 369

8.       Geology, Planning and Development

Introduction                                                                                                                       377

Geological Hazards, Risk Assessment and Planning                                                    380

Hazard Maps                                                                                                                     381

Natural Geological Hazards and Planning                                                                      383

Geological-Related Hazards Induced by Man                                                                 420

Derelict and Contaminated Land                                                                                     446

9.       Geology and Construction

Open Excavation                                                                                                              453

Tunnels and Tunnelling                                                                                                   470

Underground Caverns                                                                                                     496

Shafts and Raises                                                                                                            499

Reservoirs                                                                                                                         501

Dams and Dam Sites                                                                                                        507

Highways                                                                                                                           523

Railroads                                                                                                                            536

Bridges                                                                                                                               537

Foundations for Buildings                                                                                                539

Suggestions for Further Reading                                                                                    551

References                                                                                                                        559

Index                                                                                                                                  575