Downloadable Documents:-

002. [Hong Kong] Code of Practice for Dead and Imposed Loads 2011  Amendments (26 August 2016)   Corrigendum (7 March 2014)

003. Code of Practice for Wind Effects in Hong Kong 2004

         Explanatory Materials to the Code of Practice on Wind Effects in Hong Kong 2004

004. [Hong Kong] Code of Practice for Demolition of Buildings 2004  Amendment (September 2016)

005. An Article on "Structural Analysis"

006. Guide to Structural Design – General Information

007. Structures Design Manual for Highways and Railways

008. Code of Practice on Wind Effects in Hong Kong 2019

009. Aim of Structural Design - IStructE

011. Basic Structural Concepts (for non-engineers)

012. text – Structural Engineering Formulas

013. text – Structural Engineer’s Pocket Book

014. text – Introduction to Structural Dynamics and Aeroelasticity

015. text – Wind Resistant Design of Bridges in Japan

016. text – Dynamics of Structures

017. text – Structural Dynamics: Theories and Applications

018. text – Fundamentals of Structural Engineering

019. Civil Engineering Practical Notes A to Z


Youtube Videos:-

001. Beams: Bending Moment and Shear Diagrams

002. Calculate if a Column Can Support a Load

004. Charpy Impact Test

005. Rockwell Hardness Test

006. Tensile Test


Useful Weblinks:-

001. Computers & Structures Inc. (USA Berkeley) - Home of SAP2000, ETABS, SAFE, and etc. - to request evaluation software and to watch tutorials

SAFE 2016– Watch & Learn videos

SAP2000v22 – Watch & Learn videos

ETABSv18 – Watch & Learn videos


002. Oasys - a subsidary of ARUP, developing structural and geotechnical software -> you can get 30-day software trials

004. SPACE GASS - structural engineering software -> you can get a 30-day free trial

005. RISA-2D, RISA-3D: structural analysis software -> you can get demos

006. MathLab - software package that helps to do maths -> you can get a 30-day free trial

007. Mathematica - another maths software package -> you can get a 15-day free trial


Reference Documents:-

0001. Rocks: Physical Properties

0002. Geotechnical Engineering Measurement Units and Numeric Prefixes

0003. US Customary and SI Units Conversion Table

0004. Beam Moment, Shear, Deflection Diagrams:

         1) simply supported beam (with UDL load)

         2) simply supported beam (with symmetic triangular load)

         3) simply supported beam (with mid-span point load)

         4) cantilever beam (with UDL load)

         5) cantilever beam (with point load at free end) 

         6) vertical cantilever (with triangular load) 

0005. Geometical Properties of Common Plane Sections, e.g. Moments of Inertia, Section Moduli

0006. Arbitrary Section: Calculations of Second Moment of Inertia and Section Moduli

0007. Finding Bending Moments on Vertical Members of a Single Story Building by Simplifed Method of Stiffness Ratios

0008. Statistics Compendium

0009. Airport Pavement Design and Evaluation (Advisory Circular by Federal Aviation Administration of the US Department of Transportation)

0010. Typical Values of Some Materials' Coefficients of Static Friction and Moduli of Elasticity

0011. Typical Values of Poisson's Ratios, and Relationship between Shear and Elastic Moduli

0012. Torsional Shear Stress, and Combined Axial and Bending Stresses

0013. Column Critical Buckling Load: Effective Length Concept

0014. Useful Notes from Taranath

0015. Polar Moments of Inertia of Common Sections


Reference Books:-

001. Fundamentals of Structural Engineering

Authors: Jerome J. Connor and Susan Faraji.  

Published by Springer

ISBN 978-1-4614-3261-6


002. Wind and Earthquake Resistant Buildings - Structural Analysis and Design

Author: Bungale S. Taranath PhD, SE.

Published by CRC Press

ISBN 0-8247-5934-6


004. Probability and Statistics for Engineers 3rd edition

Author: Scheaffer and McClave.

Published by Thomson Information / Publishing Group

ISBN 0-534-92184-1


006. Civil Engineering Practical Notes A-Z   

Author: Vincent T.H. Chu

Published by HK Centre for Research & Professional Development 

ISBN 978-988-99028-1-0   Lib Call no.: STE R 624 CHU