Downloadable Documents:-

001. [Hong Kong] Code of Practice for Site Supervision 2009   Corrigenda (May 2019) Corrigenda (14 June 2016)   Corrigenda (8 May 2015)

        Technical Memorandum for Supervision Plans 2009  

002. [Hong Kong] General Conditions of Contract for Building Works

003. [Hong Kong] General Conditons of Contract for Design and Build Contracts

005. Point to Note for Employees Injured at Work [Hong Kong Labour Department]

007. Caterpillar Performance Handbook. 29th edition (example of construction equipment specifications and capabilities)

008. Sample Information about Steel Piles by JFE Steel Corporation

009. Eurocodes 1 to 9: What each stands for ...

010. [Hong Kong] General Conditions of Contract for Term Contracts for Civil Engineering Works [2002 edition]

011. [Hong Kong] General Conditions of Contract for Civil Engineering Works [1999 Edition]

012. [Hong Kong Buildings Department] ADM APP ADV

013. Building Design and Construction Handbook

014. Construction Management and Design of Industrial Concrete and Steel Structures

015. Standard Handbook for Civil Engineers

016. Illustrated Construction Dictionary 

017. Building Construction Handbook 10th ed.Chudley & Greeno

018. A Vision for Zero-emission Construction Site


Youtube Videos:

001. The Secret of Success for Construction Supervisors

002. Construction Site Supervision (Drama)

003. Construction Contract Administration (Drama)

004. Construction Contract Letting (Drama)

005. Job Talk – Site Supervisor


Good Mottos to Share (section added since 22 August 2018 ... )

0001. There is an old saying that if you try to please everybody, you end up pleasing nobody.

0002. If you wait until the conditions are right, you will never move forward.

0003. When we proceed with a goal, we seldom have all the information we need or have the ideal conditions.

0004. To make successful products is easy. Keep in mind to make them 1) simple, 2) elegant, and 3) robust.

0005. In lives, only changes are certain, learn to live with changes, e.g. offices, love, feeling, etc. and to cope with them calmly.

0006. Successful ideas are seldom made at the first instance. They need adjustments when it is seen fit, making them better.

0007. If you do something that stands out, you risk failure. But, if you don't stand out, you practically can guarantee failure.

0008. If you need to convince others, and words are not enough, show them what you can do.

0009. Try to establish an apparent one-to-one relationship. This will win your followers; this is personal connections.

0010. No one, single solution can solve all problems.

0011. A larger number of samples need to be taken for a more accurate average, statistically.



001. More Hong Kong Development Bureau contract documents


Reference Documents:

001. Form 2 - Report of Accidents and Injuries [Cap 282, Employee's Compensation Ordinance, Section 15]

003. Site Reconnaissance Checklist

004. Typical Considerations Affecting the Decision to Bid

005. Design-and-Build Projects - Advantages and Disadvantages

006. Practical Completion, EOT, and Termination of Contracts

007. Regulations, Speed of Construction, Site Meetings, etc.

008. Characteristics of Effective Writing [in engineering]

009. Principles of Leadership. Attitudes and Skills of Leaders.

010. Values Relevant to Team Work, Formation of Teams, Factors Important to Team Success

011. Vague Terms that are Inappropriate for Engineering and Construction Contracts

012. To Determine the Area of an Arbitrary Shape

013. Site Coordination and a few notes about construction projects.



Construction Equipment Suppliers (Top 10):-

Doosan (South Korea)

Sany (China)       XCMG (China)

Hitachi (Japan)         Komatsu (Japan)

John Deere (USA)       Terex (USA)      Caterpillar (USA)

Liebherr (Switzerland/Germany) - Cranes    


Reference Books:-

002. AutoCAD 2018 and AutoCAD LT 2018 Essentials.    ISBN 978-1-119-38678-0

        Author: Scott Onstott >> Published by SYBEX