Math Topics


0001. Errors in Multivariable Functions

0002. Fitting a Straight Line Through a Set of Points

0003. Optimization for Maximum or Minimum Values

0004. Linearization of Nonlinear Relationships with Logorithms

0005. Polynomial Regression – Curve Fitting

0006. Numerical Integration by Mixed Simpson’s Rules

0007. Quadratic Interpolation

0009. Taylor Series - Approximations

0010. Numerical Differentiation

0011. Continuous Probability Function

0012. Computing Values of Higher Derivatives with Centered Finite-divided-difference Formulas

0013. Richardson Extrapolation

0014. Handling Derivatives of Unequally Spaced Data

0015. Standard Normal Distribution – Probability Function

0016. Binomial Distribution

0017. Median of a Continuous Probability Distribution

0018. Poisson Distribution

0019. Check if a Data Set Belongs to a Polynomial

0020. Forward, Backward, Central Interpolation [Extrapolation]

0021. Newton’s Forward Difference Interpolating Formula

0022. Multiple Regression – function on more than one independent variable

0023. Least Squares Curve Fitting – exponential, logarithmic, power law

0024. Using Determinant to Find Area of Irregular Shapes

0025. Rotation of a Coordinate System

0026. Calculate Area of Irregular Shapes if Area Does Not Enclose the Origin

0027. Cramer’s Rule for Solving a System of Linear Equations

0028. Balancing Chemical Equations with a Linear System of Equations

0029. Derivatives and Integrals

0030. Laplace Transforms

0031. Perform Integration with Stencil Tools

0032. Cubic Splines

0033. Finding Arc Length by Integration


Downloadable Documents:-

0001. A Student’s Guide to Dimensional Analysis

0002. Dimensional Analysis

0003. Calculus – Concepts and Applications

0004. Thomas Calculus

0005. Vector Calculus

0006. Integral Equations and Their Applications

0007. Math Tables

0008. Fundamental Calculus

0009. Integral Calculus with Worked Examples

0010. Techniques of Integration

0011. Calculus

0012. Calculus Skill Practice Handbook

0013. Calculus

0014. Integral Calculus

0015. Calculus for Scientists and Engineers

0016. Numerical Methods for Engineers - Chapra

0017. Numerical Methods for Engineers and Scientists - Hoffman

0018. Modern Engineering Mathematics

0019. Introductory Mathematics for Engineering Applications

0020. Mathematical Methods for Physics and EngineeringBlennow


Graphing Papers:-

001. 3-cycle log

002. 5-cycle log

003. 3D cube

004. triangular




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0004 Modern Mathematical Methods for Physicists and Engineers

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